New Years´Eve

New Years Eve in Puerto Valalrta

December 31 afternoon, I decided to do an exercise with my Nikon D3 camera for new years´eve

I had seen pictures of fireworks on internet which seemed to me very interesting, showing flashes of abstract lights, something really different.

So I went to my good friend Louis Venostas´ place. It´s an outstanding apartment in Gringo Gulch  with a big terrace Overlooking the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe -a remarkable icon of Puerto Vallarta- and the Pacific ocean, where Dozens of Yachts were anchored  waiting patiently to view the new years firework show.

every year the Municipal Government of Puerto Vallarta does a fantastic celebration at the waterfront pier or Malecon as is named in spanish. At exactly midnight the fireworks began, for 30 minutes I was enjoying the adrenaline running through my veins.

I experience  this sensation every time while shooting an unrepeatable event. Making decisions in a split second to decide what exposure values to set in my camera seeking to achieve specific effects.

This post is dedicated to my dear Friend Louis Venosta a Screen writer, Philosopher and Art performer. Here I share some of the images achieved, remember to visit my website: