Lifestyles Photographer

As a lifestyles Photographer for Hospitality Industry in México, I capture the intangibles of each Hotel, purpose is to show the amenities and specific areas while a family, friends or a couple are enjoying. Intention is to portray the lifestyle related to the diversity of guests who come together in the Hospitality Industry.

Takes place outdoors.  Common areas are:  pool, beach, restaurant or Bedroom.. The most beautiful moment for lifestyle photography is provided with natural light at a very specific time of the Day, so the sessions usually take place in the afternoon. Naturalness and spontaneity of the moment shows and bring the urge to be there to the viewer.

Make contact to create or renovate your advertising imagery.

Land Line ☎ (52+1) 322-22-22-085

Cell number (52+1) 322-135-09-14


New Years´Eve

New Years Eve in Puerto Valalrta December 31 afternoon, I decided to do an exercise with my Nikon D3 camera for new years´eve I had seen pictures of fireworks on internet which seemed to me very interesting, showing flashes of abstract lights, something really different. So I went to my good friend Louis Venostas´ place.Read more about New Years´Eve[…]